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Welcome to the official O'Neill & Wean website! You'll find many treasures here including exclusive music, photos and information on members William Edmund "Billy" O'Neill and Dan Wean who recorded and toured from 2005-2008. In 2015, they decided to reunite due to popular demand and will release their new album, "With Sympathy", in early/mid 2017

We're at the Finish Line, "With Sympathy" WILL be released in 2017 

We're SO close! The mythical (at least in our own minds) "With Sympathy" album is finished being recorded! We're mixing it as we speak! We think that for anyone who has been waiting for this or for anybody who's excited to hear it, YOU WILL BE BLOWN AWAY! That's not our ego talking, it is surprising to us that it could sound this good! To all of you who've sent us messages or emails telling us to "take our heads out of our asses" or "stop being Brian Wilsons" and even this fan's message of poetic beauty: "stop f*ck*ng around, these songs need ears to f**k, don't suppress ear f**k love..." (yes, that is a real message we received just this week & it ends with a passage I couldn't even print), you will soon have the songs for your, uh, ear, um, you know...
- We apologize for the language...

It's been a challenging 2016 for both of us & lots of you. We'd love nothing more than to release some love & beauty into the world. Music makes our lives worth living & we both know how it can bring smiles & laughs, warm you up on a cold night, help heal heartbreak, loneliness, depression, etc. We're here for YOU. You've always been here for us!

The plan for "With Sympathy" is that it'll be released on vinyl and online in a high resolution format (Wav, Flac, etc) and in Mp3 downloads. The release will be early-mid 2017, as soon as we have a release date we'll let you know!

Thanks for sticking with us and we cannot wait for you to hear our new album that has been in the works for almost a decade, believe me, it'll be worth it!

O'Neill & Wean
December 2016

1st Day Recording "With Sympathy" Feb. 2015 

It has begun. The recording of the upcoming "With Sympathy" album has finally gotten underway in Chicago, ten years since our last release, the  "You Are Beautiful EP" was conceived! Our home away from home is in Producer/Engineer/Photographer Mike Hari's photo/recording studio, www.fadeoutfoto.com. After a quick warmup and run-through of a few songs, things fell right back into place with our chemistry and we made a huge dent in laying down some great tracks and will continue writing & recording until our falcon is ready to fly! Check out this photo gallery for some pics from the first day back at work taken by Mike Hari.


O'Neill & Wean Rides Again in 2015  

Hello friends and lovers! It's been awhile, well actually over 7 years since O'Neill & Wean have ridden their majestic steeds together through your town and almost 10 years since we assaulted your eardrums with new recordings. The time is here. The time is now.

When we came up with the title of what the next record would be, there was no way to know that "With Sympathy" would take on "Chinese Democracy" like characteristics, well actually only in the time from inception to release... We moved on, to different bands & different cities. There were a few songs started in 2007-2008, aborted, recorded, deleted, and forgotten. In getting together for the first time again after years apart in January 2015, we both agreed that "With Sympathy" should be made. We listened through old sessions and found a few things from the past that had promise, a few songs almost completed with full band accompaniments and a few acoustic numbers that "have character" but not nearly enough for a full album. Well, riding majestic steeds are a lot like riding bikes and once the guitar came out, the notebook with lyrics came out and new songs started appearing.

We are going to finish this album. It might take months. It may take years. WE WILL FINISH. It will have songs that you heard us play live "back in the day", brand new songs that we can't wait for you to hear, and to celebrate it's creation and our reunion, there is a rumor that we might play a one off concert in Chicago this spring (don't tell anyone yet)... 

Also, to commemorate 10 years since our last recording, the "You Are Beautiful EP" was made, head over to the music section where we've re-released the EP in a Deluxe Edition (making it a full LP) that has some rare live tracks and an alternate extended version of "Human Condition" for download.

Thanks for sticking with us and for all the emails and messages urging us to play together again.

Rock N Rolla!

William Edmond O'Neill III & Daniel Douglas Wean I
The brand new Deluxe Version of the "You Are Beautiful E.P." is available for download! Contains rare live and unreleased studio tracks.

The brand new Deluxe Version of the "You Are Beautiful E.P." is available for download! Contains rare live and unreleased studio tracks.

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